JP Morgan’s Blockchain Expert Executive Director Amber Baldet Leaves For Blockchain Startup

J.P. Morgan’s blockchain expert, Executive Director Amber Baldet, has decided to leave J.P. Morgan & Co is so far keeping her lips sealed about her future plans. It’s interesting that a leading blockchain expert is leaving such a high profile position of corporate banking to go out on their own. Amber was a crucial player in helping start JP Morgan’s own blockchain endeavor, Quorum, which was built upon Ethereum technology. Quorum is a “private chain” and there’s speculation that Amber did not agree with the centralized approach to the technology.

Many still question the utility of distributed ledger technology, also known as blockchain, even with the recent influx of positive news on corporate adoption. Companies from BMW to Bosch have started internal groups looking to leverage the technology, not to mention the companies that have joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance which has ballooned to over 200 members.  Even traditional banking institutions have been flooding into the tech with over 100 banks using now officially using Ripple.

If Amber goes to a decentralized blockchain platform from here, it could be yet another validating point that decentralized blockchain tech and cryptocurencies are here to stay.


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