Ethereum joins Bitcoin in piercing the ominous "Death Cross" threshold

Today Ethereum’s 50 day moving average intersected the 200 day moving average in a downward trajectory.  This is referred to as the “Death Cross” and

Golem’s "Brass Beta" launched on Ethereum mainnet

Today, the Golem team has successfully launched their “Brass Beta” milestone release onto the Ethereum mainnet.  This marks a major step forward for the Golem

Dancing Pandas soon to inhabit Ethereum blockchain

Worldwide Asset eXchange ( and Crypto Collectibles™ have developed Pandarium, a Dancing Panda collectible/breedable game.  Currently in Alpha, open beta begins in April with final

Proof of Concept "EnjinQuest" showcases the power of blockchain based game assets

It’s not hard to imagine entire economic ecosystems emerging from giving gamers true ownership of their digital goods.

Blockchain focus of 2018 U.S. Joint Economic Committee report

The recently released 2018 U.S. Joint Economic Committee report contained no less than 92 references to the term “blockchain”. The report outlined an overall positive

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