Dappradar crowns Ethereum king of 2019 with highest growth and value

Sometimes, over the holidays, we miss a few important year-end reports. One such piece was Dappradar.com’s comprehensive, “DappRadar 2019 dapp Industry Review”. A 44 page document outlining the state of the dapp ecosystem and some key metrics from the blockchains that powered them in 2019.

Ethereum dapps dominate

It was no surprise Ethereum, the original “Turing complete” smart contract blockchain platform, swept all categories of distributed applications in 2019. With its enormous developer base, ecosystem and corporate partnerships, expectations were high.

“Ethereum also remains the only blockchain to-date that’s successfully nurtured dapps across the four main categories: DeFi, Exchanges, Games, and Gambling and High-Risk.”

  • Ethereum dapp value worth well over $10 billion per day
  • Ethereum ERC20 transactions overtake native Eth transactions
  • DeFi has the smallest user base but highest transaction values
  • DeFi has the smallest user base with the highest value
  • Exchanges are more widely used with less daily value, while 
  • Games/Marketplaces and Gambling/High-Risk generate insignificant value despite their much higher daily activity

TRON & EOS lose ground but gain foothold in gambling

As reported, EOS continued to suffer from network congestion while TRON experienced declines in the second half of 2019 in, “all dapp categories”.

“Despite being labeled as ‘Ethereum Killers’ by many, both struggled to grow their user base, and the value captured by their dapps.”


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